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Feel Flush with Poker Night Fashions

When you think of a casino, what fashion imagery does that conjure up in your mind?

You’ll likely picture Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, with a black tie and expensive suit. The ladies in attendance will be in opulent ball gowns or dressed as provocatively as possible for the occasion. As you may know, Bond was playing Texas Hold’em in the casino that evening, and the real-life fashion for a game of poker is often very different.

If you were to tune into the World Series of Poker, a widely televised poker event, you’re likely to see a far more relaxed approach to fashion, maybe a hoodie and jeans, sports cap and sneakers. It seems that real-life poker fashion is markedly different to the attire we imagine we should be wearing.

That could present women with a problem; if you’re invited to a casino for a hand or two, fashion shouldn’t be high on your list of concerns. After all, there is so much to think about when playing poker in a casino, so many basic rules, that your clothing shouldn’t cause you the problem. Luckily, with our guide to dressing for a poker game, you’ll only have to focus on your hand, not your garments.

Check Your Location

The most important thing to do before deciding on your attire is to check your location’s dress code. Few casinos have strict rules on what you should wear, but some do. It might be your choice is taken out of your hands, and you find you are directed to wear a cocktail dress or something similar. Many modern casinos do not force you to dress in any particular way, but it is worth checking out.

Be Purposeful

Remember to dress for the game. For instance, if you are in a poker competition with no dress code, you might wish to consider your comfort. Poker games can go on for many hours, and in those moments, it might be more important to feel good rather than to look good. However, if you’re going for an evening of entertainment, and don’t intend to play for hours in a competition, then you have free reign on what to wear, as comfort shouldn’t be an issue.

Remain Understated

If you do have free choice, then the key is to remain understated. Bold clothing might mark you out as extravagant, and it could give a hint at your personality and maybe your playing style. The consensus is to think about what you might wear at the office; a mid-heel perhaps, neutral colors and a below-the-knee skirt. Those would all be suitable, presenting you well enough, so you didn’t look like an amateur, but not so dressy that you look out of place.


Remember, you can also accessorize, and it can be advantageous to do so. You could choose to wear fashion eyewear, which helps mask any little tells you might have. Poker is a game where your opponent will try to read you and understand your minute body movements. The more you mask those movements, the less they can tell about you. Dark glasses may be permitted, and they’d be advisable. Also, a watch is essential; many casinos do not have clocks, so you don’t know how long you’ve played. Both accessories are wise choices for your poker game.


Dress comfortable, don’t stand out and remember to get the small advantages in where you can. Depending on the quality of the casino and your intentions around the table, either office wear or smart casual will suffice. Do avoid dressing too far down though; track pants and sweats are not advisable.