Ho Ho Holidays! 6 Gifts Your Child Will Love for Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is on a Christmas shopping spree! From checking out men’s designer watches to getting the best designer handbags for the ladies at home, we sure are going through the euphoric feeling of Christmas!

Your kids are probably drawing up their wish lists for Santa, or you are guessing what you can give them because they are running late and you want to avoid the last-minute long shopping queues. Fret not. Even if they haven’t completed those lists, it’s okay! We present to you a list of the most brilliant gifts that will undoubtedly light up their faces!

Digital Camera and Printer for kids

Imagine being able to preview pictures that you got out of a polaroid camera. This kid-friendly digital camera does just that. Such cameras have all the basic features of an entry-level digital camera and provide the option to print the images. Kids are going to love this one, capturing all their cute moments. Won’t that be adorable?

Timex T80 X Pac Man Digital Grey Dial Unisex Watch-TW2U32100

Introduce your kids to the world that you grew up in – the 80s PACMAN world with this fantastic digital watch. This special edition by Timex is the perfect fit for both your son and daughter. It is one of the most evergreen and stylish watches for men (perfect for the husband who refuses to grow up). It features a stopwatch, an alarm, date display and also plays the iconic PAC-MAN melody. Buying this watch is an absolute no-brainer for your child!

Kick scooter

If your kid is learning to scoot, buying a Kick scooter is a significant first step. A kick scooter lets your child ride it both as a scooter and bike or in the traditional standing position. In addition, the rear wheels can be spread out, giving it the ease and convenience of a tricycle.


While we try to avoid screen time for kids, schools have moved online in the past two years, making it a necessity. There is a need to have a screen dedicated for your kid to attend classes and do their school activities. A tablet that they can call their own is the perfect gift this Christmas. They can get tablet covers with their favourite cartoon characters or animes and customize them to their liking. This is a functional gift that they will love!

Timex Ironman Analog Purple Dial Women’s Watch- TW5M17300

For your teenage daughter, this purple watch would look amazing on her wrist. Going to a pool party? Ask her to put this on and swim without a care in the world! It is water-resistant up to 100 metres, and the indiglo light is just ideal for treks and going camping at night.

Kids Bicycle

Possibly the most common gift given to children is a bike. But it is a part of growing up – no childhood is complete without owning a bike that can be proudly flaunted in front of friends and family. You can never go wrong with this one.

From classic toys to innovative ones, kids are definitely going to enjoy and love each of the above-mentioned gifts!