How to Choose the Perfect Watch Size for your Wrist

Watches form an integral part of any modern wardrobe. They are unique fashion accessories that can add sparkle to an otherwise dull outfit. If you’re seeking the best fashion watch, you can get this and more, thanks to the many brands available. Sounds exciting? Not exactly! The challenge lies in choosing the right size for your wrist. This can ruin your look if not done right. Nevertheless, finding the right size involves considering many aspects to pick the right match for your lifestyle.

Here are tips for picking the perfect wrist size:

  1. Check the face details& components.

Your watch may appear small or large depending on its design and facial components. Some features can ruin the proportionality of your watch, making it look odd. For instance, a dark background and white numbers offer a more streamlined look, making it look slimmer. Similarly, striking pieces with multiple colors, bright metal finishes, and a large crown add to the watch’s visual size.

Here are guidelines for wrist sizes;

  • A 6-inch wrist size is small and works well with small to medium case diameters of 34-38mm. If you have a mid-size wrist, a 38mm watch makes a perfect pick.
  • 7-7.5 wrist sizes are average and are ideal for 39, 40, 42 mm cases.
  • 8 inches and more are large and fit well with cases of between 44-47 mm.
  1. Consider the case diameter.

 The case sizing determines how comfortable you feel when wearing the watch. An ideal size should be proportional and should feel good on your wrist. For instance, if you have a small wrist, the best pick should be proportional to your watch case.

Still, it should match its flashiness and the type of band for a more refined look. If you choose a bigger case, it will look gigantic on your wrist, thus wrecking your look. The idea here is that the type of case and wristband will define your overall look.

  1. The band style matters!

 The band style and materials will determine the overall look of your watch. A wide band on a small watch will make its face look unproportional. Similarly, a smaller band will make it to appear too large on your wrist. Therefore, choose the right wits band to create a perfect balance.

  1. Have a look at the band materials

You’ll get watches in all manner of materials; these range from leather, metal, fabric, rubber, and more. Your choice will balance the look and feel of your watch, and choosing the best goes a long way.

Let’s learn more about the band materials;

Leather– leather bands are less intrusive and will make your wristband look slimmer.

Metal– Metal gives a substantial weight and feel. It’s sturdy and flashy and shouldn’t fit snugly. If your watch features a massive case, a metal band will create a perfect balance and look on your wrist.

Fabric– These come in multiple designs and are very versatile. However, they will modify the size of your band. For example, if your case measures 44-46 mm, a boldly patterned band will create a more balanced look.

Rubber– Rubber bands are water resistant but aren’t perfect choices for luxury watches.

Final thoughts

 Choosing the right watch wrist size to ensure more comfort, balance and enhances your look. If not sure of the best size, the vendor will help you in the selection. But remember to pair your watch with the right outfit for a more fashionable look.