The Complete Polo Shirt Guide- Shirts to Fit Your Style

A Polo shirt is one of the most multipurpose and adaptable garments a man can have. It is a great summer essential, and men should have at least a few shirts in their closets. But how does a polo shirt look? What should they be manufactured of, and where can you get them? Polo shirts are worn with a variety of garments, including shorts, seersucker.

It can be worn for both sports and relaxation. Yes, polo shirts are a fashion statement; still, finding the appropriate one with good quality, fabric, and cut is sometimes difficult. We will look at every aspect of cheap polo shirts for men; then, you will be able to understand how to style and wear them. We will look into some dos and don’ts of polo shirts.

Do’s and Don’ts of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are worn almost everywhere. Men wore it from football matches to their workplace. Despite the shirt’s widespread use, there are few guidelines to follow for keeping your look elegant rather than messy.

  • Layering Polo Shirts Isn’t a Good Idea

There should be no place for another shirt under a correctly fitted polo shirt because it should glide rather than be a hugging fabric for your body. If you wear an undershirt, it nearly always slips out from the sleeves. Nothing should be worn under a polo shirt because they are not designed to be layered. There was a trend of wearing two polo shirts at a time, which is completely wrong; this was just to grab attention.

  • Do wear tightly fitted polo shirts

Get yourself a larger size if you can’t let your fingers between the biceps and the sleeves. Choose a lower size if you feel there is a lot of space. Polo shirts are constructed with a good quality fabric such as cotton. As a result, they should be draped gently across your body without revealing too much skin.

  • Don’t wear logos that are too big

Large, huge logos have recently become fashionable on polo shirts. We recommend avoiding any visible logos, but a little logo on the chest side is preferred with polo shirts because it has been the trend. Tone-in-tone logos are preferred over contrasting logos, which are offered by some organizations. Leave the logo for youngsters unless they are a part of your professional uniform.

  • Do tuck your polo in if the circumstances require it

It would be incorrect to make it a rule that your polo shirt must never be tucked or un-tucked. We can say that it depends on the attire and the occasion it is worn in. If you are wearing madras shorts, then there is no need to tuck the shirt in. But, if you are wearing seersucker chinos, tucking them in will look nicer.

Polo shirts have become young fashion clothing for men. You will find the difference between a typical polo shirt and a professional shirt that is worn by the players. These shirts are designed to provide a high level of flexibility for the person while also protecting them from the sun. These are made with a synthetic mixture of materials that are suited for active users.