The Rising Craze Of Challenge Coins

When an individual reads or hears about “challenge coin”, he/she fails to form a clear picture. The majority of people assume that it is simply a coin. Challenge coins hold a historical and sentimental value, and it has been in use for decades. The coins are worn to display and symbolize a connection to a specific event. People order custom challenge coins and wear them as a necklace, a bracelet, or use them as embedded key chains, paperweights, and even coffee mugs.

What are challenge coins?

Challenge coins are special coins, medallions, or medals used by members of an organization for representing any specific purpose. Years back, it was used as an award for military purposes, but today it has a wide array of purposes. Individuals wear them to represent their organizations, or signify any celebration or promote a product or special event.

Creating a fashion statement

Custom challenge coins can feature small pictures representing any symbol or slogan, graphics. Currently, challenge coins are used as a fashion statement. Several people invest money in customizing the design, size, color, and shape of the coins. A wide array of colors are used in the designing and making of these coins. The colors used compliments the prime motive behind the creation of the coins. The online market is flooded with a plethora of custom challenge coins that can be worn as ornaments.

Inspiration from the military

Custom challenge coins are not used for ornamental purposes. They are utilized by several organizations that represent serious causes. It has always been considered a symbol of bravery and courage. The trend of wearing the challenge coins began in the military, which became a huge craze and a style statement. The primary purpose of the challenge coin was to show appreciation and recognition to the soldiers sacrificing their lives for the nation.

Considering design and style

When the challenge coins are created, their design and style are given primary importance. The combination of top-notch quality materials along with an enticing design creates a beautiful custom challenge coin. When an attractive challenge coin is created with a beautiful slogan, picture, or graphic, one can proudly carry it displaying the celebration, commemoration, and message represented.

Choosing the artwork

The wording and the art chosen for the custom challenge coins must express the intent, and spirit behind its creation. When one is considering an ideal artwork, the graphics, colors, slogans, or picture must express the purpose of owning a challenge coin. One will come across a wide variety of artwork specifically designed for custom challenge coins on the internet. Some even sketch or write their slogans for a personalized challenge coin.

Selecting the enamel types

When one is considering investing in a challenge coin, he/she must be aware of the available types of enamel. Commonly, two types of enamel are used, they are soft enamel and hard enamel. Out of the two enamel types, the soft enamel seems to be more commonly used and popular as well. They are widespread and popular because they are cost-effective. Hard enamel coins are used when silk screens need to be included in their creation or as individual desires.

Opting for plating color

Plating color is yet another important factor that should be considered while investing in challenge coins. One must opt for a metal plating color that works perfectly with the artwork and enamel type chosen. Furthermore, silver and gold are the two most popular and widely used plating colors for custom challenge coins. Several other options can be considered as well but the right choice of plating color will bring an outstanding result.

Unique custom challenge coin styles

When it comes to the challenge coins, everyone wants to have a unique look and feel. Whether the custom challenge coins are created for academic achievement, military or police award, marathon, or simply gifting it as a personalized present, creative and out-of-the-box designs are expected. There are so many available styles, but there are three such styles that stand out from the rest. They are custom bottle opener style, dog tag style, and medallion style.

Custom bottle opener style

The bottle opener style offers a personalized design and shares a similar design to standard challenge coins. The only difference is that there is an area cut in the coin to create the bottle opener design. The bottle opener style custom coins feature a hole and a tooth cut in the middle of the coin, or also in other positions. The choice of design depends on the metal used in the creation and the primary motive of coin usage. One can opt for metals that enable detailed 3D designs and vivid shapes. People appreciate the unique design of the bottle opener custom challenge coins.

Dog tag style coins

The majority of the people are aware of the dog tag style for custom challenge coins. They are widely used and popular because of their inspirational design from the military. They are known to capture memories and experiences of military personnel. The best part about dog tag style coins is that their purpose of use can be for a commemorative event, or used as a bottle opener. Some dog-styled designs have a hole for wearing as a neck chain or use as a key ring.

Medallion style challenge coins

The medallion-style coins are quite a craze among people, specially designed for events like marathons, races, and achievement awards in the military, emergency services, and paramedic services. The medallion challenge coins are available in a plethora of shapes, starting from a square, rectangular, pentagon, oval, and many more. The medallion coins are used for graduation ceremonies as an appreciation for excellent academic performance.


A symbol of courage and bravery that started in the military forces became a huge fashion craze in the present era. Custom challenge coins are just not meant for representing achievements, and bravery, but people are custom designing them and using them as ornaments, coffee mugs, paperweights. People use them in different colors, shapes, metals, and artwork. The online market is buzzing with myriad available options.